When in Rome!

No excuses! I have slacked terribly in writing this blog since we’ve been home. I know all of you have been devastated by the absence of our posts. We left you in suspense with so many unanswered questions! Did we ever make it through Italy? Did Mom enlarge her purse meat collection? Was Dad able […]

Under the Cortona Sun

Everyone in my family was exhausted after spending a few weeks in Europe. I know it sounds stupid saying that we were tired from vacationing, but it is tiring being away from the comforts of home and the predictability of every day life. The inability to communicate, a big car on small windy roads and […]

Is There a Pig in the Pool?

The sun seems to shine closer to the earth in Provence. I think it is so that it can smell the lavender fields. Southern France is envied for its soft sunlight that seems to shine warmer and creates specks of gold in the air in the late afternoon. Provence is also famous for its expansive […]

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